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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Updating: Family, Bad Prom Dates and Idiot Taxi Drivers

So many things have gone on that I haven't written about....been out of the loop for a while. My Maggie graduated from high school at the beginning of the month, and there was much happiness, drama, comedy and food. (What else?) The family came together, somewhat, for the occasion. I cried at the ceremony, as I watched her cross the stage with her diploma. Yes, I was very proud. Actually, still am. She's a great kid....and growing up (and growing away) way too fast for me.

Max had his first formal dance the night of Maggie's graduation party (great timing, Salisbury Middle School!) So I got to see him in a tie two nights in a row. He and Kala went to the dance, and they had a good time. They actually got a picture together, and are both smiling. Cute stuff. We like her. She seems like a great girl.

This past weekend we went up to NY for my father-in-law's 70th birthday party. About 50 people were there, family and friends....it was nice. We stayed with Mom and Dad Demers...Richard got to play golf with his Dad, which was nice. Sunday, most of the males (young and old) played football out in the street. Joe and Richard both tested the hardness of the pavement with different parts of their bodies...Joe with his face, and Richard with his hand and arm. Blood everywhere. But bandaids were applied....and the game continued.

Maggie stayed in NY for the week, seeing old friends, and tonight, going to prom with Nick Spiegel from Hampton Bays. Unfortunately, Nick turned out to be a DICK, leaving her alone at the prom and hanging out with his friends. She ended up calling a cab back to her car, and is currently on the way back to Massapequa, to the safety of her grandparents house.

I would really like to get in my car right now, and head for long island, where I would first deal with Mr. Nick Spiegel; I would like to tell him exactly how I feel about how he treated my daughter. If I could, I would put a pox on him.

Then I'd like to talk to the taxi driver who charged my daughter $40.00 to take her back to her car; first of all, cameljockey, learn to speak english. Secondly, when you have a job as a taxi driver, it's up to YOU to know where the fuck you are going. That's why you have a DISPATCHER. Here in America we have a thing called a MAP. The driver does not yell at the passenger because she does not know how to get to a certain location. That is why he is the DRIVER and she is the PASSENGER.

If anybody reads this who knows Nick Spiegel of Hampton Bays, NY, do me a favor. Somebody please give him a frigging clue about how to treat other people.