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Thursday, October 13, 2005

It's Whats for Dinner

One of my first stops this morning was a wonderful website by Wendy which celebrates old Weight Watcher meals. Got there via Dave Barry's blog, where there's a link to other great food pictures.

Here's the text that goes with the Frankfurter Spectacular picture:

I had no idea frankfurters could be so spectacular. Wow!

I would almost be willing to upholster a whole damn pineapple with pork product just to be able to say I was serving Frankfurter Spectacular. Say it with me: Frankfurter! Spectacular!

Why would you even want to eat this? Why, when you could keep your mouth busy for hours just by repeating the life-affirming phrase that is "Frankfurter Spectacular."


I remember looking through my grandmother's cookbooks as a child and seeing photos like these...to my young mind they seemed so elegant...

I believe if this was the only food offered, nobody would have a weight problem.

You really need to look at these, and these.