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Friday, September 28, 2007

Suspended Animation

Friday has come; three days after. It's funny, I'm thinking of things in terms of "before putting Roxanne to sleep" and "after putting Roxanne to sleep". Each day is getting easier, as my logical mind knew. More time between tears. Return to more normalcy.

I got a whole lot of sweet emails regarding my last posting; they made me feel so comforted, as people could understand my pain and sadness. I think that the world is made up of three types of people; ANIMAL people (which is what I am), animal people (people who like animals but don't consider them members of their families), and then there's people who don't like animals/think of animals as property, possessions or investments/hate animals. (I have no understanding of the third group). Thank you to everyone for your kind words and for your understanding of my silence and my reluctance to answer my phone. I just needed some time.

I picked up Roxanne's ashes yesterday at the funeral home, and she's sitting downstairs on the entertainment center. They are surprisingly heavy. I found a celtic cross marker that we'll use to mark her burial site; we'll probably do that this weekend. I think then that it will really seem over. Which is a good thing. It's been a very long week for all of us.

Heartwarming moment alert: I got an email back from my sister-in-law Diane on Wednesday morning; Roxanne has a namesake now! A woman that Diane knows named Jen has a little mini-farm about 20 minutes from here (this woman is supposedly my doppelganger, although I've yet to meet her); unbeknownst to Jen, her donkey was pregnant, and delivered a baby very soon after 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 25th. As Roxanne was leaving this world, this little baby was coming into it.

Jen named her Roxanne.

I'll post pictures when I meet her. I can't wait.

I laugh when I think of it being a donkey; Roxanne was almost as stubborn as me, so a donkey is very appropriate!