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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


We've been progressing nicely...Fina is growing like a weed! We had class last week outside at Bicentennial Park, and it was a challenge. I think that next time I'll take Miss Thing for a long walk before we go, just to get her a bit tired. She was feeling her oats, for sure!

Yesterday we went to the vet for our shots, and she's now almost 24 pounds. Weight is perfect...I'm so happy. We're very careful with measuring and all, but it was something that I was worried about. Other than a little ear infection, a clean bill of health.

And, best of all, Healing Hands Animal Hospital (of Salisbury, MD) is going to donate all her office visit fees. They are the nicest people, and I'll gladly promote their business.

Today we had our first bath. We were not happy.

Somebody forgot to tell her she's a water dog.