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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Annie's in Kent Island and Less the Assbag

We had to go and pick up Richard's tool boxes at BWI today; I went along to drive and to keep him company. We don't get that much time together, so a few hours together any way we can get it is good...plus he tempted me with a "Maybe we can stop and have lunch at that place that you and Diane went to......

I was in the car in seconds.

They have the most wonderful Cream of Crab soup in the world. The restaurant itself reminds me of the old places I used to go with my parents and grandparents in Bay Shore. It's probably good that we don't live closer. It's not cheap. Steak prices are about at the Peter Luger's rate...but are probably worth it. I'm thinking it may be an anniversary place, with an overnight stay. Lots of little bars around it too, that would probably be a blast. Not sure about prices in the summer; we'll have to do a little investigating.

Maggie and Roger came over with Moose for a little while. Mookie was extremely happy. Moose is growing by the day.

Maggie is having trouble with Less at work. He's such a damn bitchy diva assbag. I'm thinking of going into Best Buy, and going up to him, and loudly saying "Hi Less. Sorry about your penis".

May need to have a drink first. But it would be fun.

How Maggie kept from spitting on him all day is amazing. She has such self-control.

But I have faith. Karma always gets the ones it needs to get.