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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Oscars and Gitmo

I just saw this now, and, it being something from the left coast, shouldn't surprise me, but it did.

The hot fashion accessory [at Sunday's Oscar ceremony] was apparently orange ribbons and bracelets in solidarity with terrorist suspects in Guantanamo:
Out on the red carpet, Paul Haggis (the director whose "Crash" won Best Picture in 2006) said he didn't know what accounts for all these deeply dark, brooding, troubled films. But isn't it obvious, he asked, flashing an orange ribbon on his lapel. Orange, why orange? "It's Guantanamo," his Max Azria-clad wife, Deborah, said, showing off her orange bracelet, which read: "Silence + torture = complicity." Suddenly, we noticed -- orange ribbons and bracelets everywhere.

You'd have to guess there weren't too many "24″ fans in that gathering.**

If I had the opportunity to cruise the red carpet, this is what I would have worn in answer to his orange ribbon.

If someone had asked me, I would have told them that it meant

"Terrorists+Americans With Their Heads Up Their Asses+UN+Peace Talks = Dead Americans"
Atlas Shrugs has photographs.

**From Wizbang

(P.S. I really have this hat.)