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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Miss F....where she came from, where she's going....

Miss Fina is HUGE. She's also becoming quite the young lady, and I'm starting to see the kind of adult she will be. We still have so much to learn, and we have a bit to correct, but I'm seeing the result of practice, practice, practice.
Of course, all this practice makes us very very tired. She fell asleep with her head in one of her favorite toys....one of Roxanne's old food bowls.

Upon perusing the GEB website, I found pictures of her Mom and Dad, Zola and Merwin. What beautiful parents. I can't decide who she looks more like. If I remember correctly, Zola was raised up in Maine, and is a superior dog, a great girl. I haven't heard anything about Merwin (I love his sort-of-nerdy name).

Merwin Zola

Aren't they something? I think she's got her Mom's eyes, and her Dad's coloring.

I must apologize to all for my lack of postings. Twenty lashes for me. My moons haven't been in the seventh house, and all that...it's been a couple of tough weeks. But we move forward.

I promise that I'll update more. I didn't realize how many people read this....but I've heard from them on my lack of postings!

Onward and upward, puppies!