"Every government interference in the economy consists of giving an unearned benefit, extorted by force, to some men at the expense of others." Ayn Rand

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hello Hello....is this thing on?

Hi all. Sorry for the disappearing act....it's been a bit of a struggle for me lately. But things are good. All good.

Puppy is getting big, and getting easier to care for.
Swimming pool is no longer green. After only three and a half weeks of work, chemicals, and much swearing, we are swimming. Every single year it's something with that darn pool. Why do we have pools? Because they are so relaxing. Right.

Summer has finally arrived, with a vengeance. I should just open a vein and send it directly to Choptank Electric Cooperative. $400 last month for electricity, and it was a month without A/C or heat. I can't wait to see this one. But to not having the A/C on, it's like full-on menopause all the time.

Max is working at Wal-Mart, Maggie is still at Best Buy. Spending their summers making money. Yippee!

Richard's promotion has kept him super busy. He's doing his old job, and trying to do his new job. We don't see each other very much, it seems. Poor guy. This too shall pass...but I hope it passes quickly.

I know I know. This is boring. I took a pill about 40 minutes ago, and it's making me very sleepy and very unwitty.

Let me end this before you all fall asleep....zzzzzzzzz

But wait, wait. Before I go, I leave you with this, the world's largest underpants.