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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tony Snow

I was really sad to wake up today and hear such sad news. Tony Snow died early this morning. A month or two ago, Richard and I were talking about him, wondering what he was doing, as we hadn't heard anything about him in a long time. He had left the Press Secretary position, claiming he needed to make more money for his family. But then CNN announced he would be working for them as an analyst. But we wondered if he was sick again.

I guess he was. From what I heard people say today, nobody really knew how sick he was. He didn't want people to pity him.

He used to be on our local radio station from 9 am until noon every day. Being the news/political/talk radio junkie that I am, I listened every day, and I really liked listening to him. He was smart, and funny. When he went to work at the White House, he brought to the job a level of intelligence, humor and humility. He once said to Helen Thomas "Thank you Helen for the Hezbollah view"; Helen Thomas (and everyone else) laughed. He stopped mid-answer once, and said to the room "Look where we work! Look where we live! This is what it's all about." He tried to convey his love for his country and his family at all times. That's classic Tony Snow.

One day I was listening when I was on my way to Sams Club, and the topic was something that got me fired up...I don't remember exactly what it was about, but it was something about Teddy Kennedy. I took out my cell phone, and dialed. On the first try, I got through, and was put on hold. So I held. And held. And held. For two hours, I held. When I was finally put through, I was so nervous....but it was a great conversation that probably lasted about a minute and a half, although it felt longer. What a nice man he was to speak to.

There's not very many people I would wait two hours on hold for. I walked around Sams for the whole time, and probably spent more than I would have if I hadn't been on the phone waiting!

When he announced that he had cancer, I always thought he would beat it. That's what he said he would do. And he did, for a while.

He leaves behind a wife and three children.