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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Horse Show Outing et. al.

Fina had her first encounter with a horse, or, as she saw it, a very large dog. The horse show was down at the equestrian center this past weekend, and, in need of some out-of-the-neighborhood training, we took a ride over there. Miss Fina didn't want to go (more on that later), but once we got there, she was fascinated.

We started out across the street from two horses that were tied to a fence. She was so curious, and wanting to pull, so it took a very long time to get across the street. (The more she pulled, the further away we got.)

Miss Fina was all courage and bravado....until we got close. I think that this was the first time I actually saw her retreat from something....when the horse put his nose down to sniff her, she lost her nerve. The horse was great though, very friendly, and an excellent candidate for Fina's first horse exposure.

Walking through the park and the different rings was another story. We kind of stayed back and observed, under a tree and in the shade. Too much for her. She kept trying to run with the horses when they would run by in the ring. Plus there were children (ooh, my favorite), other dogs (ooh, my favorite), and lots of people (ooh, my favorite). As a training experience, it was a good thing to do, but we still have so far to go when we're out in public.

In the past few days, Miss Fina has decided she does not like to get into the car. We go out the front door, and when she realizes we are not going for a walk, but going into the car, she plants herself on the ground, either sitting or laying down. No toy, no treat, no lure can move her. I actually have to pick up this 50 pound puppy and put her into the car. I don't know where it came from, or what made her decide she was done with car rides. Unless she's guiding a blind agoraphobic, car travel is a big necessity. I'll have to address this with Barbara.

We're starting bi-weekly classes this month. With gas at almost $4.00 a gallon, it's going to be a good thing.

I've been so lax in posting....will post some videos and photos that we've taken over the past few weeks.

Trying to get back on track here.......almost miss the days when there was almost no obligations. But then again, I wouldn't trade Miss Fina for anything! :)