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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


We wanted to get some decent pics of us with the dogs. I had almost none of me with Fina (due to the fact that I hate my picture being taken!), and I had wanted to update the one of Richard sitting on the front porch with her.

We came home from the night-before-the-anniversary-party-dinner (whew) and since we were halfway dressed up, I said "now's the time" and we headed outside with both dogs.

Do you remember those commercials where the family is trying to take pictures and the baby keeps running away, and then the dog keeps running away, and there's lots of pictures of people heading away from the camera, chasing things?

That was kind of how it was. Below are the good ones.

Now, here's the rest. I'm making them a bit smaller so I can put them all together.

All in all, we got the shot. I really would love a picture with Richard and I and the dogs. Maybe someday!