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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Holy Bunny, it's Easter Already

Hard to believe, tomorrow is Easter. This is my first without any Easter baskets, and I'm halfway missing doing them, and halfway relieved that I didn't have to do them. We are having an Easter dinner though; roast beef, garlic mashed potatoes and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Not a typical Easter meal, but then, we're really not typical people. :)

The week started out with a shock on Monday night; all House fans will know what I'm talking about. Kuttner was a character on that show that I really liked, and although I know it's a show, it made me sad. This followed a few days of sad movies...first we saw Marley and Me, which was good (not as good as the book) and sad, and then we watched Seven Pounds, with Will Smith, which was an incredibly good movie, although it did cause me to sob rather hysterically at the end.

Richard and I travelled to Virginia Tuesday and then on to Baltimore on Wednesday morning. Three jobs, and lots of driving. I played chauffeur; Richard drives so much, and I really enjoy it. After we finished the second job in Virginia, we headed to Newport News, and we had dinner with Jimmy and Charlee. We got to meet their dog, who was a big sweetie, and their apartment was cute. It really reminded me of apartments I had when I was younger...I don't miss apartment living! We went to Chili's; unfortunately I was driving, so I stuck with iced tea. It was a nice dinner, and it was nice to get to know Charlee a bit better. After dinner, we parted ways, and we headed back towards Richmond, and to a Holiday Inn. I love staying in hotels...king sized beds, lots of pillows, and Coke machines right down the hallway. The wake-up call came way too early, way before sunrise, and we were headed towards Baltimore. Unfortunately, we had to fight the Washington, DC traffic, and it made me think of how much I don't miss commuting. After Richard finished the last job, it was on to Milford, DE for a quick lunch and then Puppy Class at 1:30. We had a great meal at a restaurant called The Georgia House, and the cream of crab soup rivaled Annie's soup (it only lacked the huge pile of crabmeat Annie's puts in the middle of the bowl). Richard napped in the car while I did class, and then it was on to home, and boy was it great to get there. Going away always makes you appreciate your own home and your own stuff.

While in Virginia, we passed a sign for the town of Croaker. I really liked that name. It might even be in my top ten list of town names. However, it will never surpass Two Egg, Florida, Hot Coffee, Missouri or Dildo, Newfoundland.

But Croaker, Virginia was cute. I wonder if there were lots of frogs there.

Or maybe a lot of deaths.

Thursday, Richard went back to see Dr. Cuomo, who's a bit concerned about his inability to bend his fingers. He's going to talk to Salisbury's only hand specialist, who may want to see Richard. Doctor spoke about a procedure called a capsillectomy, which would open his fingers at the joints and loosen the tension on the tendons. But that's getting ahead...

Friday he went to the nephrologist, the kidney guy. He's ordered some tests, and wants to compare them to the last ones done in December. But we did get some questions answered regarding diet; we only have to worry about protein intake if his function drops to 15 - 20%, and that's hopefully not something we'll ever have to face, because at that point we would also be dealing with either dialysis or transplant.

Next week it's the Hematologist/Oncologist. Maybe we'll be able to find out if this is a kidney problem, a blood problem, neither or both.

I really really like things in black and white; Richard's health has way too many shades of grey for me to be comfortable. Must be the control freak in me.

This morning was our last pre-puppy class; we had four raisers show up to let the new people work with their dogs. Its hard to believe this is the third generation of pups coming from Delmarva. This coming Wednesday, it will be Kramer's last class before he heads to New York for his IFT (In For Testing). So we're planning a little bon voyage party with some cupcakes and some frosty paws for the pups. Hard to believe that this is the tiny little black puppy that I was so impressed with at that very first meeting. Time flies.

Poor Debbie is going through her post-partum blues; poor thing. I told her that she would stop crying when Maggie turns 21. That at least made her laugh. Hopefully, she'll be coming to class on Wednesday with the baby; she told me that she had taken her first walk around the block yesterday, and she cried because she missed Miss Ink. I think that I may ask her to sit for Ink when we go to Marissa's graduation in June...if she's ready.

Ok, guys, it's 10:30 and I'm sleepy. My pillow is calling me. Richard is asleep. Dogs are asleep. Cats are asleep. My turn.

I'll post VERY soon with pictures of pool destruction. Its going slowly (due to the lack of manual laborers), but it's going. But there's no rush. The garden club won't be touring any time soon.

night night.