"Every government interference in the economy consists of giving an unearned benefit, extorted by force, to some men at the expense of others." Ayn Rand

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday, and the last day of rain....

It's been so dismal, and as soon as the sun peeked out...I took Ink and ran out for an adventure (a walk). We headed north, to the great north shopping plaza. First in to Southern States, where we picked out a toy (a camouflage wubba), and then took a long walk around the store's perimeter. That's when I heard peeping. I looked up, expecting to see baby birds in a nest. Nope. It was coming from the middle of the store; there were three horse troughs filled with baby ducks and baby chickens. So so cute. Ink really wanted to get right in with them. We settled on her getting a little bit close, but not close enough to grab one!

Of course, after we left the store, we started our walk around the perimeter of the parking lot, behind Target, behind Home Depot, behind the yellow/blue electronics store of which we do not speak. We were about halfway around, and the skies opened up. I guess guide dogs must always be prepared to work in any weather. Guide dog puppy raisers need to be better prepared. :)

Been a busy month so far. Last weekend I rode up to New York with Barb and Randy. We went for Barb's friend Cathy's graduation; Cathy was getting her second guide dog, Ginny. Her first dog, Mogie, also attended. What a sweetie. Cathy is keeping her. It was very inspirational to see the new guide dogs with their new owners...the puppy raisers all sitting together, all crying. One of the graduates was a close friend of Jane Goodall, who taped a really nice message of encouragement for all.

We toured the kennels then, and I made an attempt to kiss and be kissed by every single dog in there. What a bunch of big sweeties. I wish I could have seen when they let all the dogs out at once (one kennel at a time, about 100 dogs each kennel)...it must be a bit of controlled chaos. I'll see that next year at the Regional Coordinator's Conference, which I'll be missing this year (Max's graduation falls right on day 2!). Barbara introduced me as a co-coordinator of the Delmarva region...I was surprised and very tickled. :) Lunch was at a real deli, Boars Head ham and swiss on a real kaiser roll. Heaven.

It was a day that just made me feel that what we're doing is important and needed; you know it, but seeing it on such a personal level really solidifies it, kinds of buffers the feelings of loss we all feel.

Mr. Kramer is leaving us tomorrow, to begin his journey. I look at him now, and I cannot believe he's the little pup I met that day in February that got me started raising these dogs. He was the example I looked to, as we are about four months behind him with our dogs. We had a little going away party for him last Wednesday, as it was his last class with us. It was not without tears, presents or Frosty Paws for the pups. This morning, as I was sending a note to Barbara, offering her hot fudge sundaes, alcohol, crying towels, chalupas, anything to help, I started to cry. Great, let me lend you my shoulder, just wait until I stop crying myself. Ha!

It's been an emotionally challenging week, many ups and downs; however, tonight, after all this rain, the sun shone. I saw the sun out while it continued to rain, and ran for the camera. It was out there, just like I'd hoped. It was good to see it.