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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Lid Blown On Women's Toilet Habits

OK, now here's a story worth blogging about.

Women's toilet habits. Specifically, women's public toilet habits.

It's a pet peeve of mine...ladies, how can you be such pigs when you are going to the bathroom? I have had to wait my turn in the ladies room many times, and many times an impeccibly dressed woman has exited the stall...you know the kind. Beautiful clothes, shoes; hair and makeup just right. Sometimes young, sometimes old. Race doesn't seem to be a factor. They nod to me as they hold the stall door open...I go in...and there's pee all over the seat.

Lid blown on women's toilet habits
July 28, 2005
From: AAP
IT'S enough to make you wonder why they insist on putting the seat down.
A new survey shows 22 per cent of professional Australian women crouch or squat over the toilets in their workplaces rather than risk contact with the seats.

And another 14 per cent - making more than a third of women overall - wipe the seat first, then crouch over the seat just to be safe.

Forty-six per cent of respondents wiped down the seat with toilet paper if they thought the seat appeared dirty, while 18 per cent simply refused to use their work toilets if they felt they were unclean.

I can't tell you how many times I've gone in to use the bathroom, and there is pee all over the seat, all over the floor, the toilet is left unflushed, etc. Do these women live like this at home?

What's worse, though, is the thought of some little minimum-wager earner having to go in there at the end of the day, and clean up after everybody.

I have Crohn's Disease and not using the bathroom at that time is usually not an option for me. Not sure if you know about Crohn's, but our bathroom trips are immediate, urgent and without warning.

Sometimes I wonder what happened to common courtesey and common sense. Use seat covers. Buy Clorox Wipes and carry them with you. There are ways around these nasty little germs that live on toilet seats.

If you feel you just can't make contact with that toilet seat, go ahead and hover over it. But use the muscles your maker gave you, stand still and AIM. And for God's sake, if you pee on the toilet seat, wipe it up.

I think that Dave Barry was making fun of the study (who thinks of these things??), but it touched a nerve in me.

Thanks to Dave Barry's blog, who has a link to what seems to be the Austrailian News Service.