"Every government interference in the economy consists of giving an unearned benefit, extorted by force, to some men at the expense of others." Ayn Rand

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I've recently joined a Yahoo group called "Freecycle". It's a brilliant idea, very eco minded (unlike me); you list things you want to get rid of, or list things you are looking for. Then people who need or have these things contact you, and everyone is happy. I haven't taken anything in, but I have gotten rid of a ton of things I thought I had to keep...like old comforters, sleeping bags, printer cartridges, etc. I wish I had known about this sooner!

Anyway, there have been two posts that have made me laugh out loud. I'm going to post them here...one of them is ridiculous, and the other one is...well...ridiculous.

My son brought home a plant from school. I am in need of about 2
handfuls of soil to replant it. I might take a while to answer as my
computer is going to be hooked back up this weekend. I will get to
your emails asap. Thanks!

I am looking for a treadmill and a Dyson vacuum or something comparable
to a Dyson. The vaccuum I have does not do a good job picking up cat
and dog hair.

Thanks so much!
First of all, go outside. Dirt is free and very plentiful.

Secondly, we'd all like a $600 Dyson for free. And a treadmill. (The treadmill, she'll probably get.)

I'd probably get kicked off the list for mocking the ads. But I just can't help it.