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Friday, October 24, 2008


It's over! I'm officially on the mending track from this stupid heel spur.

Went to the Chesapeake Surgery Center at 9 am today; Dr. Rano came in at 10 am, and we were on the way home by 12 pm. I can't say enough about the doctor and the staff...they were awesome. What a difference from having it done at a hospital. Outpatient surgery centers are so much nicer...plus they had animal crackers and diet cokes to eat/drink after the surgery.

It couldn't have gone better...the nurse hit the vein with the IV on the second try (which is rare for me), the anesthesiologist Dr. Kelly gave me a wonderful, awesome cocktail that gave me a great sleep (I love anesthesia and if I was rich, would employ my own anesthesiologist to help me sleep at night), ha ha. All in all, it was a great experience...no complaints.

Well, actually, it's about 5:00 pm, and the numbness is starting to wear off. I popped a pain pill about 4, so that should take care of it. As I like to say, better living through chemistry.

I don't know, after all of the surgeries, the runs to the emergency room because my insides had burst open, this is kind of a small deal. In the scheme of things, it's small potatoes. But I'm a bit bummed because it seems to be way way small potatoes to some people that I wish would make a bigger deal out of it. They would make sure it was a big deal if the bandage was on the other foot (ha ha). But being wrapped in their own (self-perceived) problems is more important to them. Maybe I should drag my bloody foot around the house, leaving smears. "Oh, am I bleeding? Oh my, let me get that wiped up! I wouldn't want you to get my blood on your clothes that you have to wear to that job that you are forced to work at! That job that pays you a good salary, the salary that you use to NOT pay a mortgage or rent, pays you NOT to provide your own food, pays you NOT to pay a car loan, pays you NOT to pay for your own health insurance or doctor bills, pays you to basically entertain yourself, get yourself around town, see movies, eat fast food, etc.

By the way, I had the doctor remove my soul today to make room for all this sarcasm. :)

Let me stop. Poor poor me. There is not one shred of evidence that a pity-party helps you get over foot surgery.

My wonderful husband has been doting on me in my damaged condition.

I'm not allowed to put any weight on my foot for two weeks, and he has banished me to the couch. Crutches aren't as easy as they were when I was 17 (the last time I had to use them)...so I'm trying to be a good patient. My wonderful husband is....wonderful.

Life is....good.