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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Captain Success - Today's Story

HAYDEN, Idaho (AP) - An 18-year-old Hayden, Idaho, man was arrested late last week after allegedly stabbing his mother when she forbid him to use an Internet social networking site MySpace. The teen was charged in 1st District Court with aggravated assault after his mother said he cut her wrist.

The mother said she confronted her 6-foot 2-inch tall, 320-pound son, after which he became aggravated and packed his belongings to leave their home.

Police said he pulled out a black and silver knife from his pocket as she tried to take his cellular telephone charger from him and cut her on the left wrist.

The teen then rode his bicycle to a location nearby, where he was later detained by police without further incident.

He was released from Kootenai County Jail on Monday.