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Monday, February 16, 2009

Babysitting Miss Ink

Since Friday, we've had a little black one year old guest, Ink. Or, as I've been mis-calling her, Fink (combining Fina and Ink). She's going back home tomorrow, and it's been such a fun couple of days with her. She's a great pup, and Debbie and Christian, her raisers, have done a wonderful job with her. Debbie is pregnant, and due in the beginning of April, so I'm hoping I'll get to have Ink back for awhile then. She and Mookie get along really well, and it was nice to see him running around like a headless chicken for a few days.

She's a small lab, about 10 pounds less then the rest of the class; her strength would fool you. She's almost pulled all of us off the couch while playing tug of war. Her tummy was upset the first two nights she was here, which resulted in not a lot of sleep, but last night she slept through (as did I), and today was a good day of puppy practice and playing with us and with Mookie, who I admit is looking a bit tired after three days of play!

We tried to take a picture of me and Ink, because one of my things for 2009 is to get more pictures of people, and not just animals...of course Mookie and Ink took that opportunity to have a raucous romp in the living room, running and jumping and trying to get each other. I of course was in the middle, trying to (unsuccessfully) regain control.

But we finally got a nice one, albeit one where I'm dressed for housework, puppy walking and yard work! It's been wonderful having her here, and we're going to miss here going home tomorrow.