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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday Sunday.

I'll start out by saying I got no sleep last night. You know how you toss and turn and toss and turn, and finally get to sleep. Well, the last part didn't happen. That was with PM's too. Richard was moving around quite a bit too, and I finally said that I might as well go downstairs, then maybe he could find a comfortable spot.

I settled in in the couch, and I did manage to clear 3 worlds in super mario. Woo hoo. I'm stuck in world 6 now though. I'll figure it out.

So I've been less than productive today; I had planned on being super productive, due to this wonderful gift of springlike weather. But I'm moving slowly, with a headache, and am gastrologically challenged. :)

Richard's having an uncomfortable day also; physical therapy hurts so much, and we're doing it constantly, almost. I'll see him sitting there, and he's working his fingers back and forth. He's really giving it his all.

We'll both be so much better when we can get back to normal, but I don't see that coming anytime soon. It's such a slow, slow process. But we really, really need to get back to normal. Soon.

As he's recuperating on the couch, I pretty much leave the television for him to choose. I'm in and out. His choice for recuperation tv has been HGTV, and DIY network. Home Improvement Shows. We're seeing reruns of reruns.

So I had finished what I was doing in the guest room, and thought it would be a nice time to sit down with a cup of tea in the den. I walked into the den, and Richard was watching another home improvement show. I made a snarky comment "Haven't we seen all the home improvement shows on tv?" Richard said that there was nothing on, that I could put on what I wanted. I told him that he could choose, but just not home improvement.

So he put on golf.

That's why I'm updating my blog here at 4:03 pm, on Sunday afternoon.