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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today in the middle of puppy class, Debbie had to say goodbye to Ink for awhile; tears ensued. But this is a short hiatus. Debbie and Christian plan to have Ink back for at least the last month before she goes back to New York, perhaps sooner. We've put our puppy plans on hold until after Max goes to Texas and gets settled. This works out for everyone; Debbie and Christian can see if it's working with Ink and the Munchkin, and if it's too much, Ink can come back here. If Ink does go back to them earlier than we think, then we can babysit, etc. until after August.

I felt awful for Debbie, and on the drive home, I kept looking at Ink, and she just looked so very sad. Or maybe it's just those soulful lab eyes. I was thinking that she must have sensed something was going on, something was different in the house. Between the baby preparations, and seeing her stuff all packed up, she must have been a bit confused. Poor thing.

Miss Ink is in the middle of her first heat, and we have some concerns, as her discharge has a strange color and a foul odor. We've contacted the GEB vet, and I may end up taking her to Harrington to Debbie's vet. We'll see. But we did stop and get her proper "pooch pants" from Pet Smart. The region bought them, and I think it's a great investment. They're washable, and we can pass them around as needed. I, of course, went back to Pet Smart and got two more pair, because you really need one extra (at least) while you're washing the original pair. She looks cute in them, but not as cute as she looks in the Scooby Doo underpants.

We got home, and her reunion with Mookie was a great one...they really enjoy each other. I'll probably inundate Debbie with pictures and movies and stories, just to keep her up to date on her puppy.

Here's pictures from yesterday's class, teaching the pups to "get dressed". This is Kristoff, who I would steal in a minute. He's the mellowest pup, and has a huge head and giant paws. He's going to be a giant...albeit a gentle one.

In other, non-dog related news.....last Saturday Max and I took a road trip to UTI in Exton, PA. I was more than impressed with the operation. We took a tour of the school, and Max took a 200 question scholarship test. I kept looking at all the new students and say $25,000, $25,000, $25,000.

Of course, it wouldn't be complete without pictures!

(I'm pretending to look concerned about some reading on some kind of computer equipment for reading some kind of revolutions per minute).

I have no clue about cars.

I do wish that Max was attending in Pennsylvania...it's so much closer. AND, it also has this place to buy your beverages.

I'm done thinking now. I'll post again tomorrow. Brain is turning off....now.