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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Little Kim

I've written about Roxanne so much in the past few weeks; I've neglected to honor Little Kim, who died the same week as Roxanne was diagnosed. We knew we were on borrowed time with her, as hamsters don't last very long; we had her for well over two years, and enjoyed every minute. I've never bonded with a rodent before, but Little Kim had a great personality. She especially loved Richard. He used to bring her his snack from the Southwest Airlines flights. Roxanne used to send her flying across the room when she was in her exercise ball. All of our animals never fazed her...she would go nose to nose with both the dogs and cats; she was made for "Animal Party Tricks"!

While reading the internet news, I ran across this story and I was immediately reminded of Little Kim.

A young boy out on his bike was shocked to see a hamster whiz past him on the street in an exercise ball.

Six-year-old Alexander Wallis- Banbury managed to catch up with the racey rodent and took him home.

His father Peter, 43, said: 'He came home delighted, shouting “Dad, I've found a hamster!”. I thought he'd more likely found a bit of fluff in the road or a ball of wool. So you can imagine how shocked I was to see a real hamster in its exercise ball.'

The family have since tried to trace the hamster's owner by putting up posters around their home in Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire.

But nobody has come forward and they now believe the animal could have come from the next village 5km (three miles) away.

In the meantime, the hamster, which has been named Lucy, is making itself at home. The family plan to keep the pet if nobody claims it.