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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Whoopi Wants Sharpton to Apologize

Wow. I hate The View and anything and everything to do with it, but I just saw a video in which Whoopi Goldberg called for Al Sharpton to apologize to the falsely accused Duke lacrosse players.

While he's at it, how about apologizing to Steven Pagones. Remember him, Reverend Al?

Steven Pagones was an Assistant District Attorney in New York who was falsely accused in 1987 by Tawana Brawley and Al Sharpton of raping Brawley. An exhaustive grand jury investigation found that Pagones had nothing to do with any attack on Brawley. Evidence indicated that there had not even been any attack on Brawley and that she had fabricated the entire story.

On July 13, 1988, after an eight-month-long trial, a jury found that Sharpton, Alton H. Maddox and Lawyer C. Vernon Mason had defamed Pagones. On July 29, 1988, the jury awarded Pagones $345,000 in damages. Sharpton was found liable for $65,000 of the total damages, Maddox for $95,000 and Mason for $185,000. Sharpton still refused to apologize to Pagones, and had one of his friends pay the damage amount.

I hope that Whoopi doesn't hold her breath.

By the way, a classic example of why I hate the View...Joy Behar immediately felt the need to deflect Whoopi's message...talking about how she works out with Reverend BigAl at the gym.