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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Very Mundane Post

I've recovered from last night's foul mood (anybody that had the pleasure of speaking to me got to experience it)...needed some food and some sleep. My level of frustration was awfully high; seems like whenever we try to do something that involves how this house was constructed, it never goes well. I'm finally getting to the first floor bathroom; it took a whole day to prep it, due to the fact that when they tiled the kitchen and bathroom floor, they didn't bother to remove the molding first. They cemented the tile to the molding about a quarter inch up from the bottom. It made a somewhat simple job very frustrating. Add to that the green sable, which is to be picked up today, has a locked rear wheel (Richard said it's probably the caliper). It was one of those days that you've seen in movies and tv, where you look upward and ask "Can't Anything Go Right Today?"

But then Richard called, the kids came home and we made spaghetti and watched a comedian on tv. The combination worked. Poor Richard called and had finally read my blog post about Roxanne, and was so sad. We still miss her so much. All of us still have our moments.

But hope springs eternal today! I'm going to sand, size the walls, and get going on this bathroom. I'm very excited! I'm putting wallpaper on the top, beadboard on the bottom, and adding a little crown molding. I wish we could swing a new sink (I'd love to do a pedistal sink, but they are so expensive) but I'm content with what we've got. I'm going to paint the beadboard and sink cabinet a beautiful moss green color. No rush though. This has taken seven years to get accomplished. Funny thing is that the wallpaper was the first thing that we bought after we moved into this house.

We don't like to rush things around here.

I'm off to start having a productive day!