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Monday, March 17, 2008

The HGTV Dream Home

Well, we didn't win it.

And the show was one of the most painful hours of television in history. It was like this surreal gameshow from a bad dream.

I didn't clean, and I didn't stay dressed (according to the blog on HGTV, most of the other people watching did); but the heat pumps kept kicking on and I was thinking "maybe they are outside!" I was texting back and forth with Diane during this whole fiasco, and we were both disgusted.

When the winner was finally revealed (after the hyper hostess just walked into her house where they were having a birthday party), the woman was very strange, not happy, just scratching her head. I wonder if she was drunk or had taken a handful of muscle relaxers because she was nervous......such a strange reaction.

But the best part was reading the pages and pages of reactions on the HGTV blog....people are saying that they should take back the house because she was unappreciative, that HGTV is racist because only white people who already have homes and money are the only winners, that it is all a setup because the winner knows who they are before the show. My favorite comment was that someone said that the woman thought she was on "Cheaters" and had gotten caught. Ha ha ha!

Well, as Diane said, Katie and Wanda didn't want to live in Florida anyway. And Richard is too fair to live in the Keys full time anyway.

Damn, it would have been cool. We probably would have kept it for a little bit, and then sold it when the market improved. Had a hell of a family vacation for a little bit!