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Monday, March 24, 2008


I've decided I'd like to write about various members of my family...as my last "conversation" (via Aim) was with my niece Tricia, I'll begin with her.

Tricia was just a little one when I met her, so very cute. I probably got to know her faster than I got to know anybody else in Richard's big family, as I had the privilege of having her come over on Wednesdays, while Beth was working. We'd always have some kind of a project to do, and then go to McDonalds for our "Ladies Lunch". Not too long ago, Tricia told me that she still had this little pillow we made with her and Roxy's picture on it. I was so touched that she still had it.

Tricia was the flower girl at my and Richard's wedding, and she was adorable.

On the way up the aisle, she thought she had to scatter the flower petals. Unfortunately, the flowers that were in her basket were wired in, and she had trouble with the last one. She turned to Beth and told her that she couldn't get that last flower out. The whole church laughed, and it set the tone for the rest of the wedding. It was great.

She's growing up so quickly though; each time I see her I realize how fast the time goes by. She and I talk via the computer quite a bit, and I really look forward to it. It's a way to keep in touch, even though we are so far away now. She puts up with all the silly things I tell her, and listens to "funny old aunt margo" and her latest projects. Beth and Dan have done a great job with her; they should be very proud of themselves.

Tricia should be proud of herself too. She's going to go a long way in this world, I have a feeling.
In my heart, she's still that little girl with me at our "ladies lunch", eating french fries with no ketchup, brushing Roxanne with the "luv glove" and laughing. But in my eyes, she's grown up to be a beautiful young lady.