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Monday, March 17, 2008


I now have access to the "big people's" part of the Guiding Eye website....I got to see the puppies. I'm not sure which are the ones that we will be getting, but it is just so exciting to see all of them. Here's two pictures:

This is Reba and her puppies: Jamie, Juliann, Jetta, Janine, Jedi, and Jewel. Here's another picture of just the puppies:

Pat said she thought we'd be getting "K" puppies (all their names will start with K), but the K puppies are German Shepards. So, I'm not sure what lot they'll come from, but as soon as I know..... god they are just so cute.

As this time gets closer, I'm getting more and more excited. Also, more and more nervous. I'm praying I can live up to this responsibility. I think about completing this, and then letting him or her go. I think about it and already I tear up; but like I was saying to Richard last night, it's like a child. You meet all their needs when they are tiny, and then you teach them, and take care of them, until they are ready to go to college. They go, and you let them go, but it hurts to do so. Once college is over, then they go out into the world, and they do their jobs. They live their lives. And you were a big part of that.

Plus, these puppies will never want an advance on their allowance, will never ask to borrow the car, and will never tell you that they are just too busy to clean their rooms.